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Flexible Laminates

In our offer of flexible insulation you will find laminates resistant to various thermal classes. All are available in the main warehouse or the manufacturer’s. Product classification by application: INSULATIONS FOR MOTORS PRESSBOARD POLYESTER FILM DMD FILM / TERCOTT MTS THERNOPHASE  THERNOMID 10.04 THERNOMID KRG THERNOMID APiA THERNOMID AFA TUFQUIN TFT (UL) TUFQUIN TPiT FIBERGLASS SLEEVING […]

Cooperation with ROYAL DIAMOND

Our company is the exclusive representative of the company ROYAL DIAMOND for Eastern Europe. The company specializes in the production of chemistry for the electromechanical and electronics industries, their production is located in sunny Spain in Barcelona. Our cooperation has been going on for over 10 years. The ROYAL DIAMOND team create varnishes and resins […]

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