We are the largest distributor in Poland of winding wires for winding electric motors, transformers, generators and other inductive components, chemistry for the electromechanical and electronic industry (varnishes, resins, impregnation, etc.) and ...
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Ultrathin wires
We are the exclusive representative of the RONSEN SUPER MICRO WIRE company. We have the largest warehouse in Europe of ultrathin wires. Wires are widely used in intelligent control, communication equipment, computer, network, automotive, office automation and electronic products industry. Our offer includes standard ultrathin wires from 0.016mm dimension and specialized wires.
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Varnishes, resins and impregnates
Our company is an authorized representative of ROYAL DIAMOND for Eastern Europe. Producer of impregnating agents for the electromechanical and electronic industry. A wide range of products is used by engines, generators, transformers, sensors or induction systems and printed boards, etc.
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Round enamelled copper wires
Thanks to cooperation with proven, renowned Polish and foreign producers, we can offer you a wide selection of products. Our suppliers are the largest producers of winding wires in Europe: DAHREN GROUP (POLAND & SWEDEN), EDERFIL&BECKER and many others.
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Rectangular enamelled copper wires
The largest winding wires warehouse provides comprehensive and professional service for small and medium-sized companies, up to large industrial units.
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Proper selection of insulation elements for different voltages and temperature classes is of paramount importance for the integrity of electrical equipment. Most often, flexible materials are used as groove and face insulation of low voltage electric motors as well as supplementary insulation in motors and high voltage generators.
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We offer new products made to individual customer's order and universal electric motors available in stock. We have all the necessary components for engines to build or regenerate such as ventilation, bearings, capacitors, thermal protections, ventilation shields, carbon brushes, etc.
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Eternal Automation is a group created to offer coil winding machines in Europe, such as the production of transformers, relays and solenoids, as well as complete production lines. We are pleased to represent the manufacturer in Eastern Europe.
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Once again, we had the pleasure of talking and getting to know each other at the ENERGETAB fair in Bielsko-Biała. We would like to thank

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Visit of Eternal Automation

As an authorized representative of Eternal Automation, we want to guarantee our customers the highest quality service, which is why on February 20-21, the first

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