Insulating materials or otherwise known as flexible materials are an important element in the construction of motors and transformers as well as many other electrical devices. We offer products resistant in 105 ° C to 260 ° C thermal classes. Products of the highest quality producers, among others  ROYAL DIAMOND, 3M etc.

Detailed information about our products is available below. [PDF format]

Thermal class A-105°C

Thermal class B-130°C

Thermal class F-155°C

Thermal class H-180°C

Thermal class N-200°C

Thermal class -240°C

Thermal class -260°C


Our offer includes standard flexible materials in standard dimensions, but we have the opportunity to provide a full range of such products in various sizes. In addition, we offer technical laminates: TSE epoxy glass sheets
TCF TEKSTOLIT cotton phenol sheets
Phenolic PCF paper sheets
Silicone TSS glass sheets
GP sliding plates
GP epoxy polyester sliding sheets
ESD anti-static glass-epoxy sheets