We are pleased to announce that we are an authorized representative for Eastern Europe of the manufacturer Eternal Automation, which offers machines for electrical windings, such as the production of transformers, relays and coils, as well as entire production lines. the company has always follow the management idea “Eternal service, Eternal quality”, thinking in an anti-conformist way, in order to offer the client maximum flexibility. The product design and development follows a creative flow to meet the continuous evolution of the market. All machines are involved in home appliance, taking into account the needs of the customer. Eternal Automation is ISO9001 qualified and all produced machines comply with CE standards. This company spirit allows us to offer customers high quality products and service.

Detailed information about our products is available below. [PDF format]

4-spindle winding machines EU15004

6-spindle winding machines EU10006

8-spindle winding machines  EU8008

12-spindle winding machines EU8012

16-spindle winding machines  EU6016

24-spindle winding machines EU3124

We guarantee fast technical support. Our technicians will come to the customer to match the product, and new and used spare parts are easily available in the European market.

For a quote or more technical information, please contact us.