EURODRUT company with many years of experience on the market is one of the biggest companies in Poland distributing winding wires for electric motors, transformers, coils and other inductors. In addition to the wires we also offer all components for the construction or regeneration of motors. The company is based in Tarnowo Podgórne  where the main warehouse is located.

Thanks to the cooperation with reliable, reputable Polish and foreign manufacturers, we can offer you a wide selection of products. Our suppliers are the largest European producers of winding wire: AB DAHRENTRAD, EDERFIL & BECKER and Polish producer LWW ŚLĄSKA.

Also exclusively represent the company ROYAL DIAMOND producer impregnating components for the electromechanical industry (varnish, resins, cleaners etc.) for all East Europe and company RONSEN SUPER MICRO-WIRE manufacturer of ultrathin winding wires.

Many years of experience and high market position facilitates comprehensive and professional service for small and medium-sized businesses to large industrial units. The company develops and systematically expanding its sales network. We are open to individual negotiation of price and terms of payment. We are a company that can act in an unconventional way, which translates into an individual approach to each client. All the time we make sure that our products are innovative, functional and high quality to 100% meet the expectations of our customers and have caused them satisfaction and real business benefits. We offer a partnership principles of cooperation, we hope that will translate into our mutual success.